FAQ'S - Our Top Questions:

Are you a moving company?
-No, we are not a moving company. We're experts on renting moving boxes. We deliver our moving boxes direct to your door. We rent them on a two to four week basis. You pack, stack and move. When they're empty we'll pick'em up.

What areas do you currently service?
-We're currently servicing all of Prince George.

Do you service commercial businesses, small companies and special projects?

How quick can I get your moving boxes delivered to my place?
-We recommend placing your order at least 2 to 3 weeks before you want to start packing. We will deliver them the day before or on the day that you want to start packing. If you just found out about our service, and your in a rush, last minute, need our help, please send us an e-mail in our ordering section with " URGENT" and we'll do our best to green your move.

Can I buy your moving boxes?
-We are currently not selling them to the public.

Prior To Delivery

Do I (or one of my friends) have to be at my place to receive my order?
-Yes, we do need someone at your place to receive and sign for the order.

What if I need more moving boxes after you deliver my order?
-We can rent out any number of additional boxes, plus a $25 delivery fee. We can deliver the additional moving boxes to you, generally within 12-24hrs of your request.

How much space do I need in my garage or place for the moving boxes?
-It depends on your order, but if you can clear out a 4 foot by 10 foot area in your garage or place for the boxes that would be ideal. Please have this space cleared and ready before we arrive. Most orders can easily fit next to the side of a car in a standard garage.

For Pick-Ups

Do I ( or a friend ) have to be home when you pickup the moving boxes?
-Yes, we do need someone to be home when we pickup the moving boxes. The main reason is that if you leave them outside for us to pick them up and someone decides to borrow a few of your boxes without your knowledge, you have to pay for the missing boxes. It's best to have them in a safe and secure location, preferably your garage .